The iPhone And Your Relationship


The iPhone And Your Relationship
Will the iPhone5 help or hurt your relationship? It all depends how you use it.

FaceTime calls are great for romantics, like my friend's husband. He misses seeing her during his long workdays (aww!) and FaceTime makes it easy for them to video chat from their iPhones or iPads. It's also great for taking Skype sex to the next level, as the iPhone is much more portable than any laptop. And with the new iOS 6 software, FaceTime will work over cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi.

I'm also a big fan of iMessage. Even without the read receipts turned on, I love knowing that my text was, in fact, delivered. The "…" tells me that the other person is composing a message, which helps prevent multiple thought threads in a conversation. And I love when we're sending flirty texts and I see the "…" disappear then reappear. He's trying to compose a great message. (Again, aww!)


I wish some of my friends knew about Pair, an app that creates a private, shared timeline between two people. We all know those annoying couples on Facebook who feel the need to profess their love for each other constantly, and those couples who like to argue via Facebook. With Pair, they can keep that information to the only people who should care: each other. They could post photos and maps, share a To Do list, and even “Thumbkiss” (my friend’s husband would probably love this app!). And it really is for a true pair, as you can only have one shared timeline with this app. (Let’s all say it together, aww!)

And it should go without saying that one of the simplest, oldest apps is a must-use in any relationship. Calendar is a very easy way to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. Type it in. Set a reminder. Done.

Of course there are plenty of apps to spice things up, give advice, and test your love. Apps to determine if your partner is cheating, if your voice is sexy, and if you should break up. But it’s not the iPhone or the apps that’ll make or break your relationship; it’s all how you use them.

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