How Important Is Kissing Compatibility?


How Important Is Kissing Compatibility? [EXPERT]
When it comes to kissing, compatibility is everything. Find out why.

I do remember the kissing on our second date, though, and we definitely didn't have any kissing rhythm. My lips were all wet. (Which, again, is puzzling to me. Am I not opening wide enough? Or is our timing just off?) He even later referred to the kissing as "tentative" in the beginning. A bit harsh, I thought. We just needed some practice.

We soon found what worked for us, and we stuck to it for a while. However, feeling like we were both less than satisfied, one day I asked him to describe the kissing he likes best. And what he described sounded to me like something lizards would do. In all my dating years, it was always my experience that both tongues were to be back inside their respective mouths before the mouths close. He described something completely different. Kissing 101: 6 Steps To The Perfect Smooch


I knew that I would never want to kiss that way, and my reaction to his description probably insulted him. It wasn't long before he broke things off, never having been able to articulate the something that "just didn't feel right." I wonder if it was that we weren't kissing compatible. And I wonder if we could have been happy in the long run without either of us getting the kissing we truly desired.

So, how important is kissing compatibility? Like any other aspect of a relationship, it's as important as you want to make it. I'm sure I'll feel the sparkles again, even if it takes a little practice to get there.

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