How To Find Love: 3 Simple Steps


How To Find Love: 3 Simple Steps

3. Live a happy life.

There is no better way to attract people than to live a life you enjoy. Often we hear people say that you'll find love "when you stop looking" or "when you least expect it." When you're out enjoying your life, your main focus will be on the activity or company you so much enjoy. You'll be comfortable and happy, and you'll be presenting yourself in the best possible light.



When I recently found myself in a great relationship with a great guy, I wondered how it all happened. I realized that meeting him was much more than being in the same place at the same time. I went out that night feeling good about myself and my newly implemented plan to get out more. I was wearing my new jacket and had a great new haircut. I was genuinely enjoying myself, and I'm sure he picked up on that when he started talking to me.

After our first date I realized he wasn't exactly what was on my checklist, but I knew I felt great being around him. So I looked more closely at my list and realized he had all the important things (values, respect, etc.) and my friends even pointed out a few wonderful qualities I hadn't noticed in him. 

If I hadn't followed these 3 steps, I would have missed out on the best relationship I've ever had. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

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