Why I Probably Shouldn't Date Another Carnivore


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Are your food choices limiting your dating pool?

He later retracted his position that my diet was a reason to end things, and recognized that it could have been worked out. But he didn't want to work it out. So perhaps my food preferences were, in fact, a dealbreaker for him. I was surprised. But, apparently he's not alone.

According to Wotwentwrong.com, "Our dietary habits differ too much" ranked number one on the list of reasons women broke up with men in the United States. The reason ranked number three among women polled worldwide.


A poll by KCET shows that 79% of people care about the eating habits of a significant other. And a poll by the Today Show and Match.com found that 30% of meat eaters won't date a vegetarian.

At first these statistics shocked me. But upon further thought, I realized that I do care, too. Even though Alan didn't eat quite as healthy as I did, I was comfortable with his choices. I could certainly think of some eating habits that would be dealbreakers for me in a relationship. And I definitely have a crush on the guy who just taught me how to cook my leafy greens.

Is it important to have compatible diets? I think so. But I certainly don't think it's necessary to find a perfect food match. Couples have worked out much more challenging issues. I'd probably even prefer someone who accepts my preferences while challenging my boundaries.

But, octopus? I'm not ready for octopus.

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