Don't Be This Guy On Valentine's Day.


Don't Be This Guy On Valentine's Day.
True stories of Valentine's gifts gone wrong.

A couple of years later, Eddie was living back home after college. It was just before Valentine’s Day and Eddie’s mom was taking his sister and her friend to the outlet mall. Eddie joined them so he could buy a Valentine’s Day gift for Kristen.

After splitting with the mom (supposedly), the rest of the group headed over to the lingerie store. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Eddie’s mom would know he was buying Kristen lingerie, Eddie didn’t know Kristen’s bra size. So he said to his sister’s friend, “Kristen is about your size. What size do you wear?” Not only did Eddie buy lingerie in the other girl’s size, he asked her to try it on! And it was completely sheer!


Kristen was upset for weeks about this. And, of course, she made her own trip to the outlet mall to exchange the lingerie for the biggest, boxiest pajamas she could find.


This is an excerpt of How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 34 ways to keep her from getting annoying, jealous, or crazy by Rebecca A. Marquis. Read more at offers dating humor and advice on her new Facebook page:

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