Boyfriend Hunt: How To Use Technology To Find Real Love


Boyfriend hunt: how to use technology to find love
Looking for real love? Stick to these foolproof dos and don'ts of digital dating.

6. Don't put too much stock into his online presence. If you didn't meet him via social networking, avoid connecting with him in that way until you get to know each other better. Exploring his Facebook and Twitter pages will likely fill your head with judgments and insecurities. Get to know him in real life before surveying his entire online presence.

7. Clean up your public profile. He may be the curious type, and you don't want him to find anything that might diminish the relationship potential. 


8. Don't write him off if he has chosen to text instead of call. The important thing is that by the end of the first text session, he's asking to set up a time to meet. And it shouldn't be "if you're free tonight, maybe we'll cross paths." He should be willing to set aside some time, in advance, to meet you. The date certainly doesn't have to be fancy or time-consuming, but he should be able to commit to an hour to meet you for coffee.

9. Beware of the guy who asks you to send him suggestive photos early on. If you haven't yet been intimate, he shouldn't be asking for sexy pictures. A man who is looking for real love will know that getting to know you is as important as physical chemistry, and he'll let the sexy texting develop in its own time.

10. In the beginning, don't sweat the small stuff ... like how long it takes him to respond to your text or why he waited a day to respond. Let him respond to you in a way in which he is comfortable. If it doesn't feel good to you, you can choose not to be in touch any longer. But give yourself the chance to get to know him without creating expectations about his availability.

There's no escaping the technology when it comes to dating. Keep these tips in mind and you'll be ready for the hunt for love!

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