5 Signs He Just Wants To Hook Up


Looking for a serious relationship? Beware of these warning signs.

4. He doesn't have any good relationship experience. If his only romantic relationships have been the kind that involved work and stress, he may not believe that relationships can be any different. He may say that he is open to "seeing where things go" but without any model of a good relationship, he may actively prevent a relationship from developing.

If this is the only factor inhibiting him from moving forward with you, it might be beneficial to have a gentle discussion about it. But if he doesn't want a relationship, you'll have to accept his choice.


5. He doesn't follow through. When a man is interested in you, he calls when he says he'll call, he shows up where he says he'll show up, and he'll consistently make plans with you. If he offers to help you with something, he follows through and helps you. But if he's inconsistent with following through, he's not trying to create a relationship with you.

The sooner you can recognize the signs, the sooner you'll be on your way to meeting someone new and relationship-ready!

@RebeccaAMarquis is the author of How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 34 ways to keep her from getting annoying, jealous, or crazy, and offers dating humor and advice on her new Facebook page: facebook.com/RebeccaAMarquis

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