5 Important Tips For Online Dating Success


5 Important Tips For Online Dating Success
No replies to your emails? Too few profile views? Try these 5 important online dating tips.

Although it takes the same attention, this should be more interesting than the reading comprehension assignments you hated in grade school. The reward, here, is a really cool woman. It’s worth paying attention to what you read. The questions you ask should be interesting to you, and personal enough to connect to her. “Your Asia photos are great! What was your favorite part of the trip?”

5. Don’t be a stalker. While you are waiting for her reply, go on with your busy life. Don’t look at her profile to see if she has logged in. Don’t hover over your sent mail folder to see if she’s read your message. Remember that you don’t know this person at all, and you shouldn’t have any expectations of when she should reply.


If you’re using a dating site’s mobile app, emailing members may be as quick and easy as texting. But remember that each message you send shows up as an individual email. It is quite alarming to open an email thread and see several unread messages from a person you barely know! Take the time to compose your thoughts into one email, rather than several separate messages.

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