Where Is Love In The Aftermath Of bin Laden?


Where Is Love In The Aftermath Of bin Laden?
What to do with, and about, all of our conflicting emotions?

The only thing I can think of to do is something that comes from love: I suggest that we pray for ourselves and for each other. Let us fill our hearts with love and pray that we somehow learn a great lesson about how to be more accepting and loving of each other. Let us care for those we love with special consideration and try to see the good in each other. New York City after 9/11 turned into a “neighborhood” where complete strangers fell into each other's arms, crying out for those we lost. I pray that we never have to experience such a horrible time again, but maybe we can as a nation return to a level of caring and respect that we have lost since those days. I believe that if we can even try to do that, sticking together and supporting each other through these difficult days of confusing emotions, then our mental and emotional health will surely be bolstered. Love is the only thing with which we can heal the Self … and each other.

With love in my heart,




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