Inner Spring Cleaning


Inner Spring Cleaning
How to clean out the inside of you to make way for love in the springtime!

We are all citizens of the earth, and as such, we are all connected to this beautiful planet we live on. As the earth goes through changes, so do we. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, some of us feel an internal shift as the seasons change, while others react in a slower, more subtle way. And since we are all so unique, there's just the plain fact that we each react differently to the changes that occur in our natural world. So whether you get spring fever at this time of year, causing you to feel energized, or you feel sleepy and long for naps, it really helps to do a bit of inner spring-cleaning in order to fully enter into the happiness, allure and possibilities for love that exist for each one of us in springtime.

The body, mind and spirit are all connected, and I'd like to share a few ways in which you can spruce up your inner world to make the ground of your life fertile to grow new love, even if you are already in a relationship. By taking care of your Self now, love can grow from inside you out into your world.


For the physical body, the spring is a wonderful time to do a gentle detoxification for a day or two. Detoxifying the physical body clears out the cells, including those in the brain, which brings so much clarity to your thinking, resulting in joyful emotions! Bodies love to get rid of toxins, so it is an act of self-love that you can perform for yourself, and if you can add in a little Yoga or NIA during the process, even better for bringing more peace to the experience of cleaning out your innards. For a one-day cleanse see:

For your mind, I suggest reading something inspirational that is new to you. This will produce a different thought process, clearing out the stagnant cobwebs of your current ways of thinking. To accomplish this, I love the works of Geshe Michael Roach, like his “The Diamond Cutter” or “How Yoga Works”, and of course, Signe Pike’s wonderful book, “Faery Tale, One Woman’s Search For Enchantment In A Modern World.”

We can implement the ways of our ancient ancestors for spiritual cleansing. They were very aware of how the natural world affects us. In the past, they held celebrations and ceremonies to mark the changing of the seasons and to acknowledge the ways things were going to be shifting in everyone’s life. As people living closer to, and in many cases even worshipping nature, it was easier for them to understand the underlying emotions and inner stirrings that were happening to the Self.  These ancient ceremonies honored the spiritual element of change.

Rituals and ceremonies are usually performed at some kind of altar, either in your home or out of doors. Altars can be created and dissembled at will and are comprised of things that represent the four elements:

* A candle for fire;
* A bowl of water or a seashell for water;
* Incense or a feather for air;
* A stone, crystal, potted plant, or cut flowers for earth.
* PLUS for your Spring Ceremony: strawberries, cream, a red candle and a white candle to be used as special offerings.

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