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I find, that at this stage a good coach often rec­og­nizes that the
only per­son who can make a dif­fer­ence in a rela­tion­ship is the one
who wants to keep it, the one who seeks help. There­fore, why bother
with a destruc­tive party at all. Focus on and give rela­tion­ship help
to a per­son who is com­mit­ted to the rela­tion­ship, the premise here
being that a) peo­ple REACT to each other and b) no one can change any­one else with­out their consent.

So, if you want to keep the rela­tion­ship, you first need to see
your rela­tion­ship in another con­text by hav­ing insights about what
your part was in the rela­tion­ship break­down. Once you see that, the
point of view about your rela­tion­ship changes and your behav­ior
con­se­quently changes. When your behav­ior changes, your part­ner will
react to THAT changed behav­ior and, voila,
things turn around and a new rela­tion­ship is cre­ated. There­fore, if
you think you may need help with your rela­tion­ship do not waste time
try­ing to fix it your­self because if you knew how, your
rela­tion­ship would not be where it is now.


I sug­gest you check out The Rela­tion­ship Saver first (
. It may be just all you need to get help with your rela­tion­ship. In
case your rela­tion­ship is “just fine, thank you”, you still may want
to read The Game­less Rela­tion­ship ( if you want to have an awe­some one

Good luck!



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