What Jersey Shore's Sammi & Ronnie Can Teach Us About Love


Sammie and Ronnie
How the train wreck reality TV couple can provide a glimpse into real love.

In a recent episode in which Sammi told Ronnie that she loved and missed him, it was pretty obvious they would get back together. Although Ronnie claimed he didn't want that, I just knew he would cave. In fact, I knew from this season's very first episode, because Ronnie and Sammi (and their friends and families) were still so focused on their dramatic relationship. So, when they made their status official, Snooki—who endured the ups and downs of the relationship—showed support for their reunion. It was hard to believe any of the housemates would after the catastrophic fights, destruction of furniture, tears, heartbreak, etc. Pauly D even said their relationship made him suicidal! Dating Tips From Jersey Shore Creator SallyAnn Salsano

Even so, everyone knows there is just something about this couple that sticks. They can't live with each other, or without each other — both are miserable together and apart. Call it crazy or call it love, but at least on the rooftop and in the sunsets of Italy, it looks like true love to me.


By watching Ronnie and Sammi, we get a glimpse into the beautiful absurdity that is love. While I don't know if this couple will make it for the long term, I do know this: true love is very forgiving, forgetful, blind, constant, patient and hopeful. Sometimes, it doesn’t know what is right or wrong. It knows that hurt is often inevitable, and feelings can fade but resurface.

Despite all of this, true love still wants to try.

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