Dating With Integrity: How to Get What You Want In Your Love Life


Dating With Integrity: How to Get What You Want In Your Love Life
How to become an expert on your own relationships by bringing some integrity into your love life

Refine your image so you can attract what you want. In this case, if you are marriage minded, you must present yourself to the world in a way that will increase the chances of attracting marriage.This can apply to your home. Some experts say to have two of everything--whether candles or toothbrushes--to promote a partnertships. Even more importanly, you must factor in your image.  (Ladies, if you want a man to take you seriously, you cannot be scantily clad 95 % of the time you are with him!)

My colleague, NYC image consultant, Julie Rath, suggests creating a signature look that can help people trust that you are who you say you are. “It’s important that your “outside” matches your “inside". When these things are working in harmony, then your visual identity is in synch, and I call that image integrity,” she says. I couldn't agree with Julie anymore about the power of image integrity and personal branding! The added bonus is that dating and dressing with integrity, is guaranteed to give your confidence a boost—and we all know that is attractive!


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