Making The Little Things Count In Your Relationship


Making The Little Things Count In Your Relationship


In my experience with couples in relationships, it’s usually the little things that count. Let me tell you a story by way of example… (this is a fictional scenario):



John and Joan have been married for 5 years and are still very much in love. Of course they have arguments and disagreements, as every couple ultimately experiences. Lately, though, they’ve noticed that they have been getting frustrated with each other over the little things. For example, John is a tidy person and it drives him crazy when Joan leaves dishes in the sink or clothes lying around. And Joan gets annoyed when John lets their dog in the bedroom. They brush these niggling frustrations aside, as how bad can conflict get over annoying little habits?


One year down the line and John and Joan are arguing incessantly and have little patience for each other. What has happened to the love and romance? They decide to seek marriage counseling to solve these insurmountable issues and bring them closer together once again.


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