Are You Too Successful To Find Love?


Are You Too Successful To Find Love? [EXPERT]
There is someone willing to love you just the way you are!

The moral of this story is that your uniqueness is a blessing and it will attract the right man for you. There is someone out there waiting to love you for the powerful, successful woman that you are. Out With The Old, In With The New

It is heartbreaking to hear so many women share their uniqueness and say "this is why I can't attract my soul mate." If this sounds like you, the easiest way to start to shift your perception is to start to model the behavior of people who have the type of love you're looking for.


Instead of looking at your unique situation and saying "this is why I can't attract my one true love," Johnny and I invite you to look at models of people who do have this type of love. Carefully observe the type of people who consciously and intentionally attracted that love. Learn from them. Understand that what you pay attention to, expands.

We now help women from all corners of the globe with our Love Breakthrough Telecourses and live at the life-changing Love Breakthrough Weekend.

Lara and Johnny are soul mates on a mission!! Our life's work is to help single, spiritual women worldwide to create a life that they truly love with the love of their life by their side. 

We've been doing this for seven years now through our workshops, telecourses, group mentoring programs and home learning courses. They believe soul mate love is your birthright, but not necessarily your destiny. You must create your destiny by the choices you make and the actions you take on a daily basis.

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