Are You Too Successful To Find Love?


Are You Too Successful To Find Love? [EXPERT]
There is someone willing to love you just the way you are!

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When I was single, I thought that men couldn't handle an opinionated, strong-willed woman like me. After a few relationships where I was told I was "too much," I started to think that all men thought like this. I was wrong! Life Coach: Can A Woman Be Both Powerful And Feminine?


I learned from my love mentor that I had been "globalizing my experience" with men. Just because some men couldn't deal with strong women, that didn't mean that all men were this way. I learned that there are in fact men who love strong and powerful women, and my strong intention became for me to find one of them.

I didn't fully believe it at first, but I decided that the way I had been thinking about men certainly wasn't helping me find the right one for me, so perhaps I could "try on" a new and more supportive way of thinking. Once I really understood this, my entire life changed. I was finally able to attract my beloved! And you know what? He loves me when I'm being my most powerful, independent and strong-willed self. What Do Whitney Houston & Self Love Have In Common?

There is someone willing to love you just the way you are, too!

When someone tells you you're "too much," "too successful," or "too powerful," this is called terminal uniqueness. Other examples of terminal uniqueness are when you believe that no man could love you because you're too creative, you're too old or you're too young. It's when you believe that you're so unique that nobody could possibly love you, or that what has worked for others in finding love just couldn't possibly work for you. We believe this is simply not true. How Does The Movie 'Bridesmaids' Relate To Soulmates?

A past client of ours was a very strong, independent woman. She loved to race cars and loved to drive fast. She said that her "hard charging approach" to life was the reason she was 65 years old and had never attracted her true love. She had "tried everything" to find a good man who would love her in all her fiery glory, but had no luck. Then, she met us.

I (Lara) told her, "The right man will love you exactly for who you are. He will love your fiery personality and fast car driving, and it'll be what attracts him to you!" She had always found men intimidated by her, but she decided to stop looking at why she couldn't attract the right man for her, and start looking at why and how she could. Did Barbie Mess With Your Mind?

We encouraged her to share her passion for race car driving with men she spoke to, even in her online profile because we knew that the right man will be attracted to her because of it. And, guess what? That is exactly what happened.

After working with us, she attracted her true love. Her man shared with her that her passion about driving fast cars, her strength and her passion about life is what leapt out at him and let him know that she was the one for him. They're getting married this summer. She's now 67 years old, still driving fast cars and couldn't be happier. And, that is true love.

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