How To Plan The Perfect Party For Your Divorce


How To Plan The Perfect Party For Your Divorce [EXPERT]
Turn the end of your marriage into a celebration!

Whether you are drowning your sorrows or toasting to your freedom, your friends will be more than happy to keep you company. Besides, it wouldn't be polite to drink alone and your girlfriends deserve a drink after the hours they've spent listening to your litany of woes. 9 Love Lessons I Learned From My Divorce

Leave it to me to take the road less traveled. I planned a surprise divorce and absolutely do not recommend this to anyone who doesn't have the patience of a sherpa.


I knew I wanted out of the prison I laughingly referred to as "my marriage" for several months before I shared this news with my husband, mostly because I had a lot of financial planning to do. Also, if I hadn't taken this precaution he would have become hysterical, channeling Blanche Dubois 24-7, making my life even more of a melodrama than it already was. Plus, it would have ruined the surprise for sure!

This route, if you plan to take it — which I suggest you don't — certainly calls for something a bit more extravagant. You have suffered more mightily than Job himself and if your girlfriends are as loyal as mine, they will want to help you kick up your heels in grand style.

I suggest an afternoon soiree with all your best gal pals in attendance. Serve some cold hors d'ouvres and keep the wine flowing. You will have the time of your life. It's a lot more fun than the life sentence you just escaped. 5 Tips To Move On After Divorce

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