Forgiveness 101


Forgiveness 101
I am working on forgiving my ex-husband because I read somewhere that my life won’t be prosperous...

Of course, looking good is only half the battle when it comes to surviving the aftershocks of a divorce. Feeling good, actually sloughing off unwanted anger and emotional baggage is the other half and it’s an uphill struggle from the word “Charge!”  The weight of it alone would put the strongest porter to shame. But I know unless I make an attempt to forgive my ex, the trunks and valises I carry with me on a daily basis will only continue to get heavier, waterlogged with the endless flood of emotions that have nowhere to go.

And one more thing, I may be ready to forgive but I can’t forget. I’m ready to acquire a new set of luggage but I never want to forget what the contents of the last set looked like because next time around, I want them to be lighter, brighter and filled with better memories.

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