To D Or Not To D


To D Or Not To D
How to make the decision to divorce.

At first it’s hard to face the fact that you’re divorcing. And it’s hard to reconcile the hopes you had with the reality you now face. But the facts are, well, just the facts, ma’am. The point is that letting go of those hopes is the hardest part of all because hope really does spring eternal, especially if you’re totally in denial and keep going back to the well again and again trying to quench your thirst. Most importantly of all, the person you are disappointing here is the version of yourself that you have come to know as Mrs. Him. Letting go of that is going to be a bitch and I’m sorry to be the one to break the news. But in the end, when all is said and done and it’s all over but the shouting (the shouting will go on for some time, I’m afraid) you will be happy to have freed yourself from the bonds of unholy matrimony that have kept you enslaved to a man who absolutely doesn’t deserve you and never did. The only guarantee you have in this is that the question you keep asking yourself, “To D or not to D?” will eventually become a moot point and trust me, the quiet you will enjoy ever after will be its own reward.


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