8 Ways To Weigh Less While Eating Way More


8 Ways To Weigh Less While Eating Way More
The tricks to getting off that diet roller coaster and enjoying life.

1. Step Away… From The Diet Food!
“Foods” like diet sodas, 100-calorie snack packs, anything low fat, no fat, reduced fat… they are all programmed to destroy you. Only eat real food. Real food grows on a plant (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds) or comes from an animal. Real food is nurtured by the sun. Real food is not processed, packaged, pasteurized or chemicalized. It has nothing is added to it, and nothing is taken away. If the majority of your diet is real food you will never have a problem with your weight.

• TIP: Shop the perimeter of the supermarket or go to your farmers market for items that are fresh and in season. When there pick up one new veggie a week to experiment with what you like.


2. Be a Food Detective.
Notice your emotional connection with the food choices that you make. Begin to examine your cravings. Are you craving foods because you saw them? Or because you genuinely want them? What sparks the cravings? Stress? Boredom? Loneliness? Or maybe it’s a food addiction. Sugar is like the [insert street drug] of the food world. Really examine the choices that you make and what’s in/behind the foods you are eating.

• TIP: reprogram yourself to read the INGREDIENTS rather than nutritional information. And if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.

3. Get Your Zzzzs.
Lack of sleep decreases the hormone leptin, which tells your brain when you are full. If you haven’t had enough sleep you’re setting yourself up for weight gain in two ways. because A) your brain doesn’t get the message that you’ve eaten, so you’re likely to just keep going, and going and B) you have low energy, which instinctively makes your body crave things like sugar and caffeine in order to rev up … and thus begins a vicious cycle.

• TIP: Pick a bedtime and stick to it with the same tenacity that you stick to events like meetings, movies, or dinner plans. If people ask why, tell them you are on the sleep diet. They will all want to try it.

4. No Multi-Tasking During Meals.
When you are distracted you are bound to eat way more than necessary. If you take time to really focus on your meal, and make it an event, then you are bound to feel more satiated and less likely to snack, binge, or overeat. Take the time during your meals to slow down and chew.

• TIP: Find a quiet place with NO television, computer, newspaper, magazines or even cell phone. Give yourself a full 30 minutes to eat your meal. Take the whole time to chew and think about your food. Notice the taste, texture and smell. How do you feel? When do you know you’re full?

5. Pencil in Some Pampering.
Take care of yourself. Plain and simple. If you don’t take care of yourself in the little ways, it’s less likely that you will take care of your health and manage weight in the long term. Stress causes us to hold onto unwanted Lbs. Giving yourself some time to relax will help to melt away the pounds.

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