5 Reasons Why Women Can't Climax


5 Reasons Why Women Can't Climax [EXPERT]
Have your attempts to achieve "the big O" been unsuccessful? Here's why.

And what about the woman whose husband threatens her? "You better be fun in bed," he says, "Or else!" If you don't loosen up and enjoy yourself, I'm going to divorce you."

"Laney," who suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, is already distracted by intrusive thoughts during sex. Now she has the added pressure to "be fun." Imagine trying to achieve orgasm under these conditions. And what of the many women who were taught that sex is dirty? I Went Undercover To See If A Girl Could Get Happy Ending Massage

The good news? A little education goes a long way! Simply sharing statistics or debunking myths can have significant therapeutic value.

It is comforting to hear that less than 20 percent of women can reliably achieve orgasm from intercourse alone. Providing women an opportunity to explore their shame, anger, fear, or other negative emotions can be extremely liberating.

Most women appreciate the chance to gain insight into their sexuality. Centuries of stigma around female sexuality will not disappear overnight, but we are starting to see subtle shifts in the pendulum toward a healthier outlook.

Let me know what gets in your way of achieving orgasm and I'll try to help!

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