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9 Benefits Of Dating Over 50

Sure, it was easier to find guys or gals to date when you were 20, 30 or 40, and it's gotten much more difficult now that you're in your 50s, 60s or older. Still, in the 34 years since my divorce, I've noticed ...

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Meeting Friends & Lovers: My 13 Years Using the Personals

Most of my favorite relationships in the 13 years since I've been divorced have come through personal ads.  Since I can ask directly for all the qualities I want when I place my ad, and since “collecting people”  is my favorite hobby, this way of finding special persons has worked well ...

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A Man I'd Like to Love

Friendship with a Man How do I want it? Let me share the ways. I want the comfort I'd have with a loving mother, The aliveness I feel with a you-can-say-it-all friend, The stimulation of a trip with a fellow adventurer, The quietude of a peaceful walk in the forest, The openness of a ...

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11 Ways To Invite Pleasure Into Your Life

As an ex-Catholic, I’ve had to practice giving up guilt around the conscious pursuit of pleasure in my life. I tend to agree with Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich: "Ask life for great gifts and you encourage life to deliver them to you." I made up the following list for both a speech I ...

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How To Know When Things Don't Concern You

It doesn't concern me that I don't have a car or that there are many countries I've not been to. I don't care that I might not have any ice cream in my freezer. Who minds if there are three or six of us writing together in the memoir group. Read More

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9 Benefits Of Dating Over 50 [EXPERT]

9 Benefits Of Dating Over 50

There are some serious advantages to being a mature single. Find out what they are!

Autumn Love

Meeting Friends & Lovers: My 13 Years Using the Personals

Some fun and playful experiences from the first 13 years I placed and answered personal ads.


A Man I'd Like to Love

Friendship with a Man--what I'd like in a partner relationship.


11 Ways To Invite Pleasure Into Your Life

Ways to be in touch with creating and celebrating more pleasure in your life. Don't wait!

Change Ahead

How To Know When Things Don't Concern You

Notice what does and doesn't matter in your life.

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