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8 Essential Traits Of A Keeper

YourTango conducted a survey of over 100 mental health professionals to learn what it takes for a man to be considered "husband material." According to the results, the top three traits marriage-oriented people look for in a man are: his ability to communicate, honesty and reliability. So, besides ...

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Are You Expecting Too Much Of Yourself? Too Little?

When do you expect too much of yourself? Do you ever expect too little? I have no experience expecting too little of myself, but would be curious about others’ experiences with that. (How about a comment after you read this?)  How do your expectations play out? What childhood lessons ...

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Are You Too Focused On Romance? Is That Okay?

Have you ever wondered if you are a "romance addict"?  Do you sometimes feel out of balance as far as romantic relationships go? When you read my article, do you agree or disagree with my reactions? Think about it and come to your own conclusions. Here's my story from a few years ago. ...

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10 Ways To Add Joy To Every Day, No Matter What

For many of us, life has been taken over by duties and goals, with occasional weekends offering relief from the treadmill of daily requirements. You can be so in tune with responsibilities that you forget the healing powers of pleasure and play. For times when you forget the restorative benefits of ...

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4 Self-Esteem Lessons to Learn from Bargain Hunting

Do you have judgments about yourself or others who often go for bargains or freebies? Here are some new ways you can look at and feel about those behaviors. 1) Find creative ways to stretch what you have. I’ve always liked getting something for nothing, or feeling like Read More

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8 Essential Traits Of A Keeper

What do you look for in a marriageable man?

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Are You Expecting Too Much Of Yourself? Too Little?

Take time to explore your expectations from past and present. Are you content or ready for change?


Are You Too Focused On Romance? Is That Okay?

Is it time to look at your behavior around dating and romantic relationships? Is it working for you?


10 Ways To Add Joy To Every Day, No Matter What

It's too easy to make excuses for why we're not content. Try these 10 ways--bring in more happiness.


4 Self-Esteem Lessons to Learn from Bargain Hunting

Whether you're proud or embarrassed about bargain hunting, here are some new ways to look at it.

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