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Lonely on Valentine's Day? 6 Ways to Deal with It

We've probably all had one or several happy Valentine's Days in the past.  For those of you who have lost a child or parent, a partner or friend, here are some way to deal with those losses, even as others are celebrating Valentine's Day. 1) Give yourself a lot of leeway.  If you need a ...

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Going For The Gold In Relationships

Some of us love the Olympics even if we know we wouldn't have a chance to ever qualify. O.K, I understand that. We haven't done the workouts and the long practices; we haven't stayed with our sport for years. But how about relationships? Is there any acceptable reason you and I can't go for ...

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How To Be Happy With Yourself As You Improve Your Life

We all have idiosyncracies. Sometimes they even keep us from being the ideal partner, parent or co-worker or friend. Most of us know (or think we know) what we could or should do to improve ourselves. Some of you have made changes while others are working on making changes. Either way, the journey to ...

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How To Fix A Relationship: 11 Conversation Templates

Probably every one of us has experienced a relationship that's gone wrong, whether with a grade school buddy, a first love in high school, a marriage, a co-worker, a friend or even a family member. Since we're all adults here, let's talk about relationships in our 20s to 70s. I dare say the same ...

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How To Be Confident Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Do you look and ask around when you're feeling low on confidence? Do others' suggestions or reassurances make the necessary difference?  How about taking some thoughts from Wayne Dyer's Excuses Begone? He suggests we take what we read about the conscious and subconscious mind way too ...

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Lonely on Valentine's Day? 6 Ways to Deal with It

It's hard to feel happy on February 14 when we're focusing on who and what we DON'T have in our life

Cooking Together

Going For The Gold In Relationships

As you're enjoying the Olympics, reflect on how your relationship intentions can move you forward.

How to Be Happy With Yourself As You Improve

How To Be Happy With Yourself As You Improve Your Life

We're all works in progress, but that shouldn't stop us from feeling confident along the way.

Life Coach: How To Fix A Relationship, Effective Communication

How To Fix A Relationship: 11 Conversation Templates

When you're ready and committed, here are 11 practices to make sure your relationships stay healthy.

Om Girl

How To Be Confident Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Let's look at a dozen ways to create a more confident you. Isn't that what you want?

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