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Memories Of My Dad

We knew for months you were failing. Your short-term memory was slight. You were waking in the dark, dressing to "do chores." You fell asleep sometimes talking on the phone. After surgery and pain and falling out of bed, We were told you had 2-3 days left. I was relieved when I was told ...

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7 Ways to Feel Young After 50

Are you ever surprised when you notice your wrinkles? Do you wonder why you feel so much younger than you look? For me, I imagine that if I consistently used moisturizer and all the recommended beauty aids, I'd be happier with the view in my mirror. If consistency isn't your strong suit either, how about ...

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Not Getting What You Want By Doing What You Want?

Have you ever wondered why you don't have what you want in your life? If you're answering, "That's easy! Not enough time or money" or almost any other answer, I'd ask you to reconsider. I met a woman at the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce a while ago and asked ...

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5 Tips To Go From Scattered To Focused

Do you ever wonder if you're losing it? You know what needs to be done, you have your to-do list. And yet you find yourself starting a task, getting sidetracked to another item on the list, and going back and forth to a few more until you actually complete one. I was in that place recently. Read More

3 Ways to Define Who You Want To Be

Probably most of us have questioned why we have done a few things in the past. Maybe it was breaking up or gaining weight or quitting a job or acting grumpy. 1) What if all you needed to do to find a partner or a job or anything that mattered was a clear awareness of who you are and ...

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Beach Fun With Friends

Memories Of My Dad

Sometimes we forget all that our dads have meant to us. On Father's Day, spend time remembering him.


7 Ways to Feel Young After 50

Rise above your wrinkles or your disappointments about aging. Use these 7 ways to feel & act young.


Not Getting What You Want By Doing What You Want?

Realize the relationship between wanting something and taking action to make it happen.

Om Girl

5 Tips To Go From Scattered To Focused

For those times when you just can't get going on your to do list, try these tricks to get moving.


3 Ways to Define Who You Want To Be

Sometimes the best way to know who you want to be is to notice how you react in the here and now.

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