Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Breaks Records


Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Breaks Records
Fans of the long-retired show rally to raise over 2 million dollars in just a few hours!

Fans of Veronica Mars have rallied around the show's creators to raise over a million dollars in just a few hours, setting crowdfunding records. The Kickstarter launched with a two million dollar goal, the largest film budget goal in Kickstarter history. A testament to the enduring popularity of the show, the campaign quickly raised over one million dollars in about 4 hours. This shattered Kickstarter records for the project to raise one million the fastest, previously held by a role-playing game which raised the same amount in 7 hours. The project then went on to raise well over 2 million dollars, reaching it's full goal in less than one day.

The TV show, which ran from 2004-2007 before being canceled, remains a cult classic. The show was about a female detective, played by Kristen Bell, following in her father's sleuthing footsteps. With a irreverent sense of humor and masterful delivery from the cast, the show had tremendous fan support but was cut due to low ratings, putting it in the league with other fan favorites like Firefly and Freaks & Geeks. YourTango readers will love the story of rebuilding a life and finding your true identity amongst hardship, as Veronica finds herself again after being dumped by her boyfriend and the death of her best friend. It is a story with a strong female lead, a powerful rolemodel for women looking to reclaim their own power. If you haven't seen the show you can catch up with the phenomenon online

Creater Rob Thomas and the original cast are reportedly working directly with Warner Brothers, who gave them the greenlight to raise the production budget through crowd sourcing. Kickstarter rewards include guest role cameos, premiere tickets and, of course, copies of the completed movie. 

Veronica Mars fans are rejoicing that the movie will finally be made - and, more importantly, showing their support with serious money. This project will likely set records on Kickstarter, further proving the platform as a legitimate way to gather fans into communities with the power to support creative projects, large and small alike. There is no mystery here for Veronica to solve, just an enormous outpouring of support for a very deserving endeavor. 


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