5 Ideas For Hot Summer Sex


5 Ideas For Hot Summer Sex
Don't let the heat get you down. Here are 5 ways to enjoy the thrills and chills of summer sex!

4. Ice Him Down: Fill a bowl with ice cubes and surprise your lover by dragging an ice cube down their chest or back as you pleasure them with your hands or mouth. Ice cubes can be painful in cold or moderate weather, but on a hot day the thrill of ice and the wet trail left behind can be simply thrilling. Bonus: Slip an ice cube into your mouth as you go down on your lover and watch them squeal! 

5. Embrace Your Inner Teen At The Fair: Take a date to your local fair! Summertime is nostalgic for all of us. Seize the opportunity to act like teenagers in love by going on a date to a local fair. Hold hands as you walk around, eat fried foods with abandon, let your adrenaline surge on the roller coaster and sneak a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel. Stay late into the night and make sure to end the night with a long make out session in your car.


Don’t let the summer heat fry your sex life. Get wet, go adventure in nature and act like a teen again. Soaring temperatures can be a fun excuse to explore the thrills of summer sex!


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