Squirting Orgasms: Fact or Fiction?


Squirting Orgasms: Fact or Fiction?
Squirting, Gushing & Female Ejaculation: Know the facts and debunk the myths!
  • Squirting Fact: Women and Men Have More In Common Than We Believe!

The male and female sexual system are much more similar than they are different. Each part of the male anatomy has a female match (or “homologue” in scientific terms!”) The clitoris is the match to the penis, the paraurethral gland is the match to the prostate gland. Both glands produce ejaculate and then empty into the urethra with the muscular contractions of sexual arousal. So it turns out that squirting isn’t really a mystery, it is simple sexual anatomy at work.

  • Squirting Fiction: It Is a Recent Discovery

Anatomical research and sexual traditions have documented female ejaculation for centuries. References to female ejaculation appear in 4th century Taoist texts, the Kamasutra, Artistotle’s writings on anatomy, and medical literature throughout the history of Europe. In the late 17th century, a Dutch gynecologist named Reinjier De Graaf documented the precise difference between vaginal lubrication and female ejaculation. The fact that squirting has remained a “mystery” until now reflects the cultural silencing and shaming around female sexuality. It is time to be unabashedly educated about the female sexual system, don’t you think?


  • Squirting Fiction: It Feels Better When You Squirt

Some women love the gushing release of ejaculation. But orgasm is a highly subjective experience, so it is impossible to compare what kind of orgasm is “better” than another. If you want to explore squirting, have fun in the process. But don’t get hung up on it being any more “enlightened” or “powerful” than a non-ejaculatory orgasm. As professional sex educators, we are always amused that men are desperate to learn how not to ejaculate during orgasm, while women are busy learning how to ejaculate. We can all learn how to experience a wider range of orgasmic release, but there is no magic formula to achieve sexual perfection. Ejaculation or no, multiple orgasm or singular climax, your sexual experience is yours to enjoy!

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