Sexting For Grown Ups


Sexting For Grown Ups
Want to make sexting a hot part of your relationship? Here are 6 sexting tips to get you started!

Sexting Tip #3: Keep It Private
One of the most awkward things about sexting is receiving a sext at a bad moment, like when you are shopping with your mother or in the middle of a business meeting! We recommend using a private sexting app exclusively for communication with your lover. Apps are always changing so do a quick search to find a good one - check out Between for one option. Private sexting apps create a safe container for interactions with your lover. You can check your messages at your own discretion and not worry about sexy texts popping up at the wrong moment!

Keep in mind, no matter what app you are using, anything you put out there could come back to haunt you. We don’t recommend sending sexy photos (especially with your face showing) or any explicit texts that would ruin your life if leaked. Play within your own safe boundaries and you’ll feel much more free to be yourself! The anxiety of a nude photo being spread around by a vindictive ex is just not worth it!


Sexting Tip #4: Be Yourself
Make your sexting an authentic expression of who you are as a sexual being. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Sexting is way sexier if it is a real expression of who you are. Don’t copy and paste sexts from a website - write them to reflect your specific relationship and desires. It’s the difference between getting a pre-written greeting card and a handwritten love letter.

Everyone wants to feel paid attention to and special. So get specific with your sexts. Instead of saying “Excited to kiss you later” say “Have fun at the gym, but save some energy for me!” Instead of “You look sexy today” write “I watched you leave this morning, and your hair looked amazing in the sunlight.”  Instead of “You are hot” say “I can’t wait to kiss your crooked smile and see your gorgeous dimples.” Specific is sexier every time!

Sexting Tip #5: Keep Sexting Honest
Nothing is worse than getting teased all day with no big payoff! Sure, you can flirt and tease by sexting without any specific agenda. But keep in mind that if you are sexting all day long about how you can’t wait to rip your lover’s clothes off when he gets home, he may have some expectations! Constantly teasing without following through can lead to resentment, which can build up over time. Be honest in your sexting. If you don’t have any intention of being sexual that night, keep your sexting more general. If you are really in the mood, and are counting down the hours until you get to go home and pounce, let your lover know so they can anticipate it.

Also get specific with your lover about what kind of language turns you on. Do you have specific words for body parts or sex acts that feel more comfortable? Let them know so they don’t gross you out with the wrong choice of words! Do you like getting really explicit or leaving more to the imagination? Again, make your wishes clear so you can enjoy sexting one another in your own unique way.

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