How To Activate Your Sensuality


How To Activate Your Sensuality
Turn On All 5 Senses To Become a More Sensuous Woman!

Touch: Choose clothing with textures that please you. Notice the sensation of the wind on your skin. Share a couples massage with your lover and tune in to the sensations of their touch on your skin! 

Each of us responds to these senses with different volumes of arousal- notice one or more sense may be your most reliable trigger for arousal. When you think about a peak sexual experience, what sense is most present- a visual memory, the memory of how something felt, a familiar smell? If you know you are turned on by a certain sense, you can make sure to emphasize that sense in your lovemaking. If you notice you don't pay much attention to one of your senses, it can be great to develop it. Explore that sense in your everyday life and see how that can influence your arousal. There are no "shoulds", just an opportunity to open up to your full sensual spectrum.

If you are in a relationship, pay attention to what senses you share most with your partner. Do you listen to a lot of music together? Enjoy food or wine? Do you love watching movies together? Take stock of the sensual landscape of your relationship. When you know what senses you both enjoy, you can keep adding more of those experiences to your days together. Then try to bring in sensual experiences that are new to you - go wine tasting and really focus on subtle flavors, go to a park and enjoy the natural beauty, or listen to new music.

Crucial to feeling more pleasure from every day sensual experiences is sharing what you are experiencing - when you enjoy something, say it out loud! This brings your partner's attention to your pleasure, allows the opportunity to experience it together, and helps you both learn more about your pleasures and turn-ons. We all spend too much time talking about stress and problems - talk about what you enjoy, surprise pleasures ("The sky is beautiful right now!" or "This peach is perfect - want a bite?") and notice the effect - sharing our pleasures with others can multiply the enjoyment. You may notice that the more pleasure you share, the more you feel, and the easier it becomes to get turned by all the pleasures life has to offer.

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