Outdoor Sex: How To Enjoy The Great Outdoors Without The Risk


Outdoor Sex: How To Enjoy The Great Outdoors Without The Risk
Outdoor sex is a very common fantasy. Read how to make it hot and keep it safe.

DO Position Yourself Strategically
On many hiking trails, you'll find spots where you can see people coming in either direction. These are the perfect locations to get naughty. Tell your lover to keep a lookout then drop to your knees to pleasure them. If your lover spots someone coming, you'll have enough time to tuck everything away!

DON'T Risk Your Safety!
When choosing your spot to get frisky, look around for potential dangers. Don't settle in too close to a cliff, near any stinging or poisonous plants, or anywhere near insect nests or other potential dangers. Know your terrain and choose wisely.

DO Take Advantage Of A Rain Storm!
Throw on the ponchos and take an adventure into a local park during a heavy rainstorm. No one else will be around, and you'll be able to splash around without worrying about anyone coming along! Ponchos aren't inherently sexy, of course, but they allow easy access and will add sexy humor to your adventure!

DON'T Leave Anything Behind
Follow the golden rules of backpacking and leave no trace. Don't leave used condoms or any other trash behind. As they say, leave only footprints and take only (very exciting) memories!

DO Explore Private Land
The safest kind of outdoor sex is on private land without any neighbors in site. If you and your lover really want to explore outdoor sex with less risk, find a bed and breakfast or hotel with lots of acreage. If you do get caught, you may get tossed out of the hotel but you probably won't get arrested. Even better? Make friends with someone who owns land and is willing to turn a blind eye to your outdoor escapades!

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