Celebrate National Masturbation Month!


Celebrate National Masturbation Month!
May is National Masturbation Month! Here's how to celebrate!

Have a Conversation: Talk to one or more of your friends about masturbation. Share your early experiences with masturbation, funny stories about your teenage years, how you feel about masturbation in a relationship, any techniques you highly recommend. All of us, to one extent or another, carry shame and guilt about masturbation. Having open conversations with your friends is one of the quickest ways to dissolve shame, and give others permission to enjoy their sexuality more fully.

Try a Masturbation Marathon: Every year Good Vibrations and The Center for Sex and Culture hold a “Masturbate-a-Thon” to raise money and celebrate the pleasures of self-touch. You don’t need to fly to San Francisco to join in on the fun. Try setting aside an entire hour (or two!) for self-pleasuring. Give yourself a long slow warm up, then build up your arousal for as long as you can. Try experiencing the pleasures of multiple orgasm, as you experience arousal over a long period of time. Enjoyed yourself? Do it again in a week or two and try to break your own record! It can be challenging to set aside so much time for self-pleasuring. But that is part of the point - openly and unabashedly declaring that you are worth it and that you deserve lots of pleasure!



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