Male Multiple Orgasm: Fact or Fiction?


Male Multiple Orgasm: Fact or Fiction?
Can men really experience multiple orgasms?

Once ejaculation control is mastered, it is up to each individual man to choose how to integrate this skill in their sex life. Some men chose to abstain from ejaculation all together, going months or even years without ejaculating. Other men simply love gaining control over when they ejaculate, so they have more control over their arousal and can make love as long as they choose. For many men, exploring male multiple orgasms gives them much more sexual confidence and opens up new erotic possibilities for both partnered and solo play. 

The truth is, both men and women are capable of experiencing arousal, erection, orgasm and ejaculation as different parts of the pleasurable act of sex. We are all capable of a wide range of sexual arousal and pleasurable climaxes. Some people like to have one intense climax, others enjoy having a series of orgasms. Some people struggle to have an orgasm at all, while others want to learn to sustain arousal and delay orgasm or ejaculation. With so many possible ways to feel sexual pleasure, it is important to explore a wide range of pleasure responses and be able to experience the kind of arousal and climax you most desire. Ejaculation control is a skill that takes time to learn - but many men find it well worth the effort. Gaining the skills to choose when and if you ejaculate will allow you to stay erect longer, enjoy longer periods of sexual stimulation, and experience the holy grail of male multiple orgasms.


This article was adapted from The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Ejaculation Control: How To Delay Ejaculation and Last Longer in Bed


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