Intensely Intimate Oral Sex: 7 Steps Towards More Connection


Oral sex tips: sex and intimacy
Here's how to transform regular oral sex into an incredibly intimate erotic event.

Make Eye Contact

One of the most intimate erotic acts is simple eye contact. When you are gazing into your lover's eyes, you are present and paying attention to them in an undeniable way. So as you go down on your man, look up and lock eyes. Keep pleasuring him as you hold eye contact. Let your love beam up at him through your eyes. We guarantee he'll feel it!

Connect With His Heart

As you give him oral sex, reach up and massage his chest. You can use massage oil and glide down from his chest, across his belly and around his hips. Or simply rest your hand on his heart. Stimulating his sexual system at the same time you are touching his heart area is a magical formula for intimacy. It will bring his attention to his emotions and feelings, which hopefully will be lots of love and affection for you!

Slow Down

When you have a good thing going, slow way down and make it last. Learn how to use your hands in combination with your mouth so you can keep the pleasure going while giving yourself a break once in awhile. When you come up for air, talk to him. Simple questions like "Does this feel good?" and "Want more?" will go a long way towards opening up communication. You can also say simple things like "I love you." Never underestimate the power of a few loving words to increase intimacy.

Enjoy The Afterglow

Savor the precious moments after his climax. Give him space to enjoy his afterglow while staying connected. Curl up next to him and just breathe together, enjoy the silence and rest. Giving him a few minutes to stay in his pleasure bubble will complete the experience for him and you can then reconnect with him once he is ready. 

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