How To Put On A Condom Without Breaking The Mood


How To Put On A Condom Without Breaking The Mood
Discover how to put on a condom while staying aroused and connected to your lover!

If his erection softens a bit, use handjob techniques to bring him back to full erection. If the erection goes away completely, throw away the condom, go back to foreplay and then start again. Don't make a big deal out of it, or you risk creating toxic shame and embarrassment. Once the condom is on, you are ready for the main event! Remember to keep clitoral stimulation going during intercourse to make it much more pleasurable for her.

After ejaculation, or when you are ready to stop intercourse for any reason, hold the base of the condom in place as you pull out. This is an essential step to prevent the condom from getting stuck in the vagina, potentially leaking semen into the vagina and undoing all the protection. Then, unroll the condom off the penis and discard. To be extra safe, wash the penis with soap and water before it comes into contact with the vulva. Use a new condom for each act of penetration.


How To Put On A Condom: Advanced Strategies

Once you are comfortable with the basics of how to put on a condom, you can experiment with making the process more sexy and playful. Here are a few ideas to get started.

First, forget everything you've heard about putting on a condom with your mouth. It simply isn't safe. Your teeth may rip the condom, and you can't smooth out all the air bubbles using pressure from your lips. This party trick is risky and not worth the effort. Your hands can create way more sensation than your mouth, and you can use your eyes to make sure the condom is put on correctly. Don't risk your health by putting on a condom with your mouth!

Incorporating putting on the condom with a great handjob will make it a treat for him. Handjobs can be a great prelude to intercourse. Once the condom is on correctly, give him some good firm strokes to bring him back to full erection. Use downward strokes so you are smoothing out the condom rather than pulling it up. Pay special attention to the sensitive head of his penis, and keep on stroking until he can't wait any longer and you are both ready to move on to penetration.

You can also learn how to put on a condom as part of a power game. Blindfold him, use light bondage restraints and then tell him you are taking full control. If you want to have an orgasm before intercourse, try the Queening position and take your pleasure! Then, put on a condom while telling him how eager you are to ride him, Reverse Cowgirl style! (Check out our guide to Reverse Cowgirl to master this incredibly hot sex position!)

Don't overlook the intimacy of eye contact. While you are putting on a condom, look at one another in the eyes and enjoy the moment of anticipation before intercourse. Talk to one another, compliment one another and linger in the moments before intercourse. Choose to make this moment a sexy one, and you'll overcome a lot of the anxiety that can come with putting on a condom.

Remember, as you are learning how to put on a condom, be kind to one another and keep a sense of humor! Anxiety and stress are surefire libido killers — so leave your worries at the door and remember that you are using condoms so you can have more fun together. After practicing how to put on a condom a few times, it will become second nature and you can focus on the matter at hand: giving one another as much sexual pleasure as you possibly can!


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