How Circumcision Affects Sexual Pleasure


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Circumcision is certainly the cultural norm ... but what are its consequences? Find out!

Missing from the debate about male circumcision has been the question about female pleasure. As a sex educator, I have spoken with thousands of women about their experience of intercourse with circumcised and uncircumcised men, and a clear pattern has emerged. It seems that circumcision not only effects male pleasure, it changes how they make love. Circumcised men tend to penetrate much more vigorously, in the jackhammer style that is so familiar from our cultural depiction of intercourse. This style of penetration comes from a desperate search for more stimulation and the need to concentrate sensations on the tip of the penis.

Uncircumcised men, on the other hand, often penetrate with more finesse, using a slower rhythm and more of an undulating motion. The intact foreskin acts as a sheath that glides over the penis with every thrust, creating more pleasure and reducing the need to thrust with as much force to create sensation. Keep reading ...


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Some men who have been circumcised go to great lengths to regrow their foreskin, using stretching techniques to create as much of a protective sheath as they can. Online communities are buzzing with groups of men who support one another through the process of stretching, taping and massaging their foreskin. One organization, ForeGen, is even exploring the medical possibility of regenerating the tissue of the foreskin with stem cell technology.

Most men rely on manual techniques and devices like the TLCTugger to slowly stretch the skin and create the desired result, a protective sheath for the head of the penis. While these men will never be able to regenerate the thousands of nerve endings lost when their foreskins were clipped, they can protect the sensitive head of the penis by lengthening the slack skin of the flaccid penis. Many report success in reshaping a functional foreskin that protects the head of their penis and increased sensitivity over time.

Circumcised men and their partners need not despair. There is still more than enough erotic pleasure to be enjoyed. Anyone can learn to experience more sexual pleasure and develop the skills to give their lover profound orgasms. As sex educators, we have focused on erotic touch techniques out of the belief that anyone can experience intense pleasure when touched with skill, yet many of us have not yet learned to use our hands (the greatest sex toy ever invented, perhaps!) with confidence and finesse.

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