Self Love: Why You Need Shameless Pleasure In Your Life


Self Love: Why You Need Shameless Pleasure In Your Life
Why women need to stop conflating shame with pleasure to live fulfilling lives.

Reframed in this way, pleasure can be seen as a virtuous and ethical act, not just limited to sex, but also inclusive of other experiences such as enjoying a deep conversation, a delicious piece of chocolate, the scent of spring blossoms, or a gorgeous sunset. In fact, pleasure is so essential to our well-being that without it we get distressed and eventually may fall ill: psychologically, physically, or both. When we awaken our erotic energy (Eros) and marry it with our evolving emotional and psychological self (Psyche), we literally birth more pleasure, which, in turn, sustains our lives, keeping us youthful and vibrantly healthy.

What does this have to do with being shameless? Shame is useless. Shame is not needed in order to make life-enhancing choices. It also doesn't feel good in our body, shutting it down, raising our levels of stress hormones, and contributing to ill health and rapid aging. 


Shame is also a choice: It exists because of our definition of it. We think we need it in order to be good women. If we're shameless about our pleasure, then we must be bad. Nothing is further from the truth! When we can learn to trust ourselves and the wisdom of our bodies, all of our neuroses around pleasure will surface and have a chance to be loved into wholeness. And if we are willing to embrace ourselves in our totality, free of judgement, we can begin to live from a truly shameless and pleasureful place.

Shameless pleasure is our birthright. Remember, we are designed for pleasure. Having over 8,000 clitoral nerve endings dedicated solely to the function of activating our pleasure is not only living proof of this, it is a daily reminder of this truth. Many medical researchers are still perplexed as to why clitoris even exists; surely pleasure cannot be the sole reason for its existence? Personally, I haven't found another use for it.

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