Artful Flirting


Artful Flirting
The 5 surprising secrets to conscious flirting.

4. Igniting Delight Within

Igniting delight within yourself is the fourth insight to living a succulent and artfully flirtatious life.


Looking at your current definition of delight and possibly refining and expanding upon it can do wonders for opening up to new levels of delight.

Delight is a result of an open heart and alive sensuality. It is your capacity to perceive and sense beauty and pleasure in the world and to translate it internally as deliciousness.

5. Letting Go Of Goals

Flirting is often connected with sex being the end result.

But flirting with a specific goal can also lead to disappointment, or worse, manipulating others so we can have our needs satisfied.

Therefore, being able to let go of the need to ‘make someone’ react a certain way to our ‘flirtatious’ offering allows us to come from a place of generosity versus a place of lack.

This shift allows us to flirt as a way of sharing our aliveness with integrity and sensitivity.

It becomes something amazingly invigorating and fulfilling, in of itself!

The Dark Side of Flirting

Saying all of that, it is important to pay homage to the dark-side of flirting.

We live in a world that has a skewed view on sensuality and sexuality and for some, flirting can only be seen as manipulative or debasing.

Of course, they have missed the point (and the joy!).

But it is also wise to understand that not everyone will respond to flirting with delight.

Once we know this and once we are truly aligned to the Art of Flirting itself, we can then pick and choose our moments so that we only bring more positive connection into the world.

So the next time you are at a check-out counter and the clerk asks if you need anything else, you might answer, “Yes” and pause for a moment to see if they are listening. With eye contact say, “A smile would make my day.” 9 times out of 10, they will break into a brilliant smile.

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