To Teach or Not To Teach


To Teach or Not To Teach
That is The Question

It is not about making others see things the way we see them. It is important that people have differing views. However, learning to be open and culturally sensitive and aware is an important aspect of living in today’s society. Whose responsibility is it to teach openness? How do we stay curious yet politically correct/respectful when it comes to religion? If we don’t take the initiative to teach, will individuals understand and accept different view points? Will they appreciate the beauty in diversity? Or will their lack of knowledge, lack of curiosity create a barrier?  Perhaps by not reacting to her comments, by moving on and not challenging her, I taught a different lesson... on her way out the young lady stopped beside me and said, “well I’ll try to drink more cows milk.” I look up, still unsure of what I should say. Rather than respond I smile.  She then goes to my friend and says, “this was my first time meeting a Czech.” My friend and I smile at one another as she leaves...just another blissfully mindless day for some...

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