Who Determines Your Worth?


Who Determines Your Worth?
Tips to put your worth in your hands.

Feeling as if you owe people something for their kindness
I am lovable enough to receive. Today I will start receiving compliments, gifts, and other rewards because I am lovable enough to receive them.

Settling for noncommittal relationships
if someone will not commit to me it is more about their lack than mine. I will move on from these people and practice being totally committed to me in my own life.


Unable to make decisions out of the fear of upsetting someone else
My decisions are a statement of who I am. I will use courage to dismantle my fear and make decisions that are in the natural flow of how I feel and think.

Suffering from the feeling that others are always mad at or talking about us
If I don’t like me it will be hard for others to like me. If I change this about myself then it will follow that others will change their opinions of me too.

Justifying being treated in substandard ways even though our partner’s poor treatment is hurting us.
I will no longer accept poor treatment in my life by others. I am committed to letting go of people who do not have my best interest at heart, in support of the love I have for myself.

Letting other people determine our moods.
My happiness is now 100% my responsibility. I am committed to being in my own authentic mood. Other people’s moods are not my responsibility.

Living in a constant state of waiting to know what plans are based upon what others want
I am the captain of my own ship and I will initiate plans and follow through with them.

I will turn my jealousy into envy. I will envy qualities that I see, study them, see them as gifts to practice new behaviors and become what I envy. This will expand me as person and eliminate my jealousy.

The use of being controlling in relationships to feel a sense of power
Because I am no longer needy I do not need to engage in controlling behavior to receive love, rather, I will shine from within and I will entice love towards me.

If we take an active look at our minds and our emotions we can see that we have the choice to control both. If we think in the positive we are engaging in high quality thought. High quality thoughts produce positive and rational feelings. If we think in low quality thoughts we will produce feelings of lack and fear. We will fear there is not enough love, enough money, enough success or enough time. Therefore, we must actively get involved with our thoughts and emotions.

Our self-worth requires daily commitment. We so easily commit to others, to pleasing them, to spending time with them etc., yet many of us leave ourselves and our own desires to the wayside. To be someone who can determine our own self-worth, we have to get actively involved in our own lives. We need to fill our lives up with love. This means we need to do the things that we love whatever those things are for each of us. We each need a certain amount of alone time to connect with our inner worlds each day. We each need to be committed to be the best person we can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These commitments, when we are actively involved with them will change our lives, our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves.

Little Life Message: If we are active in our lives, we will be happy in our lives.

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