Five Simple Ways to Draw Others To You


What a great word. How HOT to be seductive. When people hear the word seduction they typically think of sex. I think seduction is much deeper than that. To be seductive means “to draw the other to us.” We can seduce anyone if we have the right tools. That means we can seduce in business, in friendship, our children, our romantic relationships, our co-workers and bosses. Seduction is a feeling you have about yourself that gets externalized through your behavior, your posture and your energy. To have seductive energy is powerful, and if practiced its results are unfathomable. I will touch on Five Seductive Qualities that are simple to master with conscious effort.


Posture. How you hold yourself in the world either communicates low self-esteem or the beauty of self-sufficiency. Think about how someone who is seductive would carry themselves? Imagine someone who has an elegant, tall, long posture (no matter the stature). Think about this person, male or female…tall, long, the chin slightly lifted. Did you know that a simple change in posture can alter your entire emotional energy? This is proven through neuroscience. If you are having an insecure moment…just stand a little taller and the impact on your mood and frequency is immediate. When we stand taller the chest opens and we breathe. When we sense that a person has enough calm to really breathe, we are drawn to them.

When you see someone with poor posture what is their body language communicating to the world? Low self-worth. Their posture is hunched over, the eye contact is to the floor, their facial expression shows uncertainty and their body does not smile. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has some “thing” they feel good about. Find that some-thing, think about it, harness the emotions that it produces and let your body express it. I am not suggesting you overexaggerate your posture to overcompensate for low self-worth. I am saying make a slight change in your posture and let your energy do the rest.

Emotions are energy. If you are swimming in negative emotion, you will have poor posture. If you have positive emotions you will exude great energy. This great energy is what seduces others to you. How you feel determines your life experience. If a simple shift in posture can produce positive feelings. Start to focus on makingthis one change and you will see a difference in your life.

Pace. Pace is about speed and/or rhythm. How do you walk through the world? Are you moving quickly, not noticing anything but the agenda you are trying to reach? Are you moving at a pace that says there is not enough time for pleasure? If you were carrying an essence of seduction how would you move through your world? Americans are always rushing, rushing, rushing. We live as if time is always running out and pleasure is simply a side dish. What if you gave yourself a little more time in your day so that when you were on your way to your next responsibility you could walk slowly and unhurriedly. Your walk would be graceful and patient. You could actually acknowledge those around you with eye contact, a sweet smile and maybe add some light touch. Your essence will be patient as if pleasure is always on its way to you.

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