Remember: You Come First


Remember:  You Come First
Break the habit of losing yourself.

Second. In learning to put ourselves first we will carve out a stronger sense of identity. The benefits to this are plentiful. As we feel stronger inside people will feel a change in our sense of whom we are. People will develop more respect for us without us having to verbalize or demand it from them. People who are sure of themselves have an aura about them which automatically communicates they cannot be manipulated with guilt or other tools to stray from their self-love course in life. They are no longer in the world feeling as if they have to constantly prove themselves or try and justify why they need to say no sometimes. They are able to simply and sweetly without much explanation say no when it is necessary and in their best interest. This is what generates respect from others. When our identity is not strong we suffer from self-doubt and seem emotionally out of control to others. It is this self-doubt which creates the fear which creates the inability to say no.

Third. When we put ourselves first and we are committed to saying no when we need to say no and yes when we need to say yes, we have a sense of internal or emotional freedom. We have officially become the captain of our own ship and we are not being bounced around by the waves or wakes of others without an anchor. Self-confidence develops each time we stay true to ourselves. We are then not living awash in guilt and self-punishment for making people mad or upset if we do not meet their needs. Guilt is an unwanted life partner and it grows and shrinks according to how much self-doubt we suffer with. The way to rid ourselves of self-doubt is to start, today, in being true to ourselves. The more true we are to ourselves, the better we know ourselves, and thus the better able we will be able to say no.


Fourth. When learn to place ourselves first, we begin to live life in our own way and this is when the miracles begin to happen. See, when we are saying yes when we want to say no and no when we want to say yes we are off our course. If we are off our course, as determined by our internal worlds, we will never find a functional way to make our lives work because we essentially allow others to dictate our lives. We have to stay true to ourselves to remain internally balanced or in harmony. We all have an internal harmony that is natural. This internal compass comes from our feeling world and our feelings tell yes or no to all situations. If we can stay in line with this natural balancing system as much as possible, then our lives will take on a natural flow where we are moving with currents of what is right for us, rather than swimming upstream going against what is natural for us.

Fifth. As we put ourselves first, we like ourselves more and we instantly become more attractive to other people. The benefits so outweigh the costs. As we live life in our own way, we have an assuredness about us that will radiate out. Therefore, we will not only seem more attractive to others but we will find that we also begin to attract all kinds of new people, events and circumstances which will bring us joy and prosperity. All of life is really internal. What we feel internally gets reflected externally.

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