Let's Talk About Money!


Let's Talk About Money!
Are you excessive or abundant?

As humans we have to have two healthy relationships with non-human tools; Money and time. If we are in a poor relationship with either form our lives suffer. Money is a necessary tool we all need to make our lives work. Money does not bring happiness but it does bring freedom and security. When we are low on money we are low on security. When we lack security we get into intense feelings of fear. These fears impact identity, relationships, marriages, and our children.

The fear of money is not the fear of some “thing” but rather the fear for our “basic survival.” Nothing is more frightening than that. Money is a kind of an externalized immune system. If we are low on white blood cells our health is at risk, if we are low on money our security is at risk. So, if money is an externalized immune system how come so many of us live excessively, live beyond our means, do not save, and spend as if everything we want is an emergency…especially those new pair of shoes.


Just as many of us do not take care of our health: we eat poorly, drink too much, smoke etc; many of us also do not take care of our finances. It is as if we do not have respect for the money in our lives, we feel as we never have enough, we deserve more, and thus we begin to get more excessive in our habits. Excessive energy is low frequency, it taxes the immune system, and life becomes an emergency of wants. Fact, money runs out. It is a never ending cycle. If you are currently low on money what is your lesson? If is not happening “to” you but it is happening “for” you, what can you learn from your current financial situation? We cannot know wealth until we know poverty. Think about that.

Solution: If your financial situation has changed for the worse, examine your past relationship with money and see what you need to change about yourself going forward. Talk about these changes with your significant others so they can also help create new change. Did you respect your money because I know that if you respect money, money will respect you in return. Were you thankful for your money? If not, try gratitude. Did you organize your money? Did you save your money? How did money make you feel? When you had plenty of money were your comfortable with your spending habits, or could you have been more respectful.

If we lose our money we enter into a new ‘life class’ regarding finances. If you are in this place it is time to slim down all excessive habits and live in humility. This is a discussion to be had with your family, your spouse, your company etc. Learning to live slim has great value because you are able to see what in your life has value. Slimming down is sometimes like ‘clearing clutter’ of excess needs or desires. How slim can you live? Can you still find happiness while living slim. Can you love yourself the same in a simple car? Do you have the same value weather you drive a BMW or a Honda? If not, why not? What can you learn about life, yourself, your family when you slim down?

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