Is Fat An Emotion?


Is Fat An Emotion?
The id, ego, and superego of food.

I have learned I only need to eat half of any portion of food I am given at any restaurant. At home I try and feed myself in a way that I would want to feed my child. I also think about my brain and about the true size of my stomach. The stomach is the size of your fist with your other hand wrapped around it. The tongue eats like it will never eat again and turns eating into soothing or into an emergency. We can eat stomach sized amounts every three hours, so remind your tongue that there is no emergency. As far as soothing, we are only soothed while eating but the guilt afterwards is far from soothing. Remember toddlers do not think about consequences!

Further, if our stomach has the same chemical make-up as our brain then anything we put into our stomach will effect the way we think, feel and behave. The minute we put something toxic into our stomach we are literally dumbing ourselves down. We not only poison the stomach but we poison the brain. We do not supply the brain with the proper nutrients to think clearly and efficiently. It is no wonder our stomach’s have such big ego’s! It is trying to protect us from being unhealthy. I am not suggesting a no-treat policy because we all need treats. I am suggesting a non-indulgence policy.


The other solution I use with my dear “frienemy” is to be grateful when I have successful tongue-parenting days where my pleasure principle was satisfied and my ego was satisfied. It is possible with a little creativity. I do not believe in lack, I believe in abundance. To have a balanced internal relationship will produce a balanced relationship with food. If we are balanced we are abundant. If we are abundant we are more attractive as a whole person. We walk with a sense of maturity, dignity and pride in ourselves. If we are out of balance with food, we will be out of balance emotionally. When we are out of balance emotionally we are not attractive. Here is the good news… it is within our power to discipline our two-year-old tongues. It may not be easy but, it is possible! Always reach for the possibilities and live in abundance!

Little life message: Think of your tongue as something you need to parent, and get rid of the dreaded emotional state of FAT.

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