How to Relax into Intimacy


How to Relax  into  Intimacy
Robert and Shelly made a lot of progress but they both felt something was missing - intimacy.

The Zone of Intimacy
Now it was time to go on to the next step in intimacy.  Lovers often have special intimate names for each other and share thoughts and feelings that they wouldn’t dream of revealing to others.  There is a feeling of complete acceptance that you give to each other.  Intimacy comes from being fully present with each other as well as accepting ourselves and each other as unique loving human beings.
During the next week Robert and Shelly listened to my self-hypnosis and relaxation MP3’s once a day. Soon they found it easy to let go of the worries of the day and be more present with each other.  As they got more relaxed and comfortable, they were able to maintain that special openness that they were learning from practicing self-hypnosis.
I encouraged them to take their time exploring this zone of intimacy.  Some couples rush from the initial arousal right into intense lovemaking and skip the emotional intimacy that can be so nourishing to the heart.  As Robert and Shelly discovered, relaxing and being intimate with each other brings a new depth of love and caring to a relationship.

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