Is Texting Helping Or Hurting Your Relationship?


Is Texting Helping Or Hurting Your Relationship?
Texting can produce substantial stress for couples unless the ground rules are made explicit

What can happen if one of the partners wants the other to text more and becomes demanding? Case Scenario: Ryan liked going out with Sarah. The relationship looked promising. They began to exchange texts and this was the main way they communicated. After several months, their involvement grew. He got to the point that he didn't like to text as much. Sarah did not take this well. She became possessive and began to challenge him "Why don't you want to text me? I want to hear from you at anytime. Don't you want to hear from me? Are you hiding something? You must not care." Their relationship was threatened because she was playing by her own rules. The rule that said "if you care, you will text." He was flunking a test and didn't know an exam was being given.

Obviously texting provides a new area of compatibility. Couples need to discuss their expectations with texting. When you send a text, do you expect one back right away? Can you calmly, patiently wait for a reply? Do you feel rejected when you aren't responded to? How can the communication stream stop? Is there more anger in your relationship because you feel your partner is rude to you or impatient with you? Texting has changed the communication landscape.


Many play by their own rules like Sarah. They can misread disappointment as rejection and run away from the intimacy they seem to seek. Relationships can end today, simply because a cell phone is lost, a battery is dead, or the device is misplaced. Not getting a text, can be overreacted to and effect the relationship unless the partners have some ground rules and understanding.

Sure it can be great sometimes. It's wonderful just to let your partner know you're thinking of him or her.Some have a four-character code text that no one else could understand, but which says, "I'm thinking of you right now!" to each other. Three or four of these a day can be absolutely delightful.

So is texting a curse or blessing for you? Please comment below to add to the discussion and check out the fan page for Relationship Bootcamp on facebook. Liking it would be great.!/relationshipbootcamp

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