Practicing Safe Stress


Practicing Safe Stress
Worrying about money, the economy, your children, your job, etc.,can be devastating to your health.

Managing negative, self-deprecating or worrying thoughts that fuel anxiety and feed depression – is self mastery. This is learning the art of inner quiet and creating a space where you can find your “reset” button. You can achieve this through the discipline of daily meditation practice. Ironically, the “discipline” is really in doing nothing, learning to still the mind and find the comfortable inner quiet in your body. Dr. Andrew Newberg; found that even novice meditators improved their memories by meditating just twelve minutes a day, for only a few weeks. Just thinking about what you value most in life, i.e., compassion, reason, love, peace, empowerment… will literally strengthen the neural connections that enable you to carry those values into the rest of your life” ***

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In only 20 minutes a day, you can release stress and achieve deep relaxation


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