DATING - HOW TO FIND A MATE by Peggy A. Vertreace, DMin.


This will give the both of you something in common, which can go a long way in positive relationship building.


Just as in real estate, location is important when attempting to find a mate. If you frequent seedy places or find yourself in the company of questionable people, the chances are greater that you will get a seedy or questionable dating partner. As grandma always said, "If you lay down with dogs, expect to get up with fleas."


You do not have to sleep with someone to be with them and you do not have to pay them back sexually because they took you out. You do not owe them anything. Allowing someone to put a price tag on you cheapens you. Do not fall for it. You do not have to put yourself out as a fast food meal, just waiting for the next drive-thru customer to come along.

I hope these twelve dating points will be helpful to you in your quest to find that special someone.

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