's Top 10 Remarriage & Stepfamily Blogs List

By's Top 10 Remarriage & Stepfamily Blogs List
In 2010, we pored over nearly 100 blogs about remarriage and stepfamily life so you don't have to.

The short blog entries covering a wide range of topics are a welcome respite in a stepparent’s busy world.

     It’s not often that stepmoms get to be the center of attention, but in the StepMom Magazine blog, stepmoms receive the TLC that they deserve. Many of the bloggers named in this Top 10 list have contributed to StepMom Magazine, which is top-notch.


     When the staff reviewed this blog, entries ranged from a list of remarriage statistics to the “hotly debated topic” of disengagement, and just what that term means. The majority of the blog page describes content in recent issues of the online magazine.

     The real gem of the website, though, seems to be the discussion forum, where—as a subscriber—the reader “will receive access to our private, support group forum where you can talk to other stepmoms about issues that concern you most.”

#10 Mama J’s Parenting Posts: Conversations About Raising Girls by Diane Fromme

Author of Stepparenting the Grieving Child, Diane Fromme embraces an important topic that is often at the fringe of the stepfamily conversation: stepparenting a child whose parent has died.

     For those of us who are widows or widowers—or are married to someone previously was a widow or widower—this blog is a wonderful resource. To our knowledge, there isn’t another blog devoted to this topic.

     Diane has said she “constantly ponders family issues and dynamics.” She posts on stepparenting issues every Wednesday and is writing a guidebook for stepparents living with children who have lost a parent or parents. This blog will likely be helpful to remarrieds or people who have adopted a child too.

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