's Top 10 Remarriage & Stepfamily Blogs List

By's Top 10 Remarriage & Stepfamily Blogs List
In 2010, we pored over nearly 100 blogs about remarriage and stepfamily life so you don't have to.

Deesha Philyaw and her former husband, Michael Thomas, offer an honest look at the trials and errors of co-parenting and provide heartfelt advice plus an array of resources.

     This blog should be a mandatory read for any divorced couple with children. It represents what all of us should strive for: cooperative co-parenting for the sake of the kids. (And, we don’t take “shoulds” lightly!)


     Deesha and Michael are not advocates for divorce. Instead, their focus is on how to “establish a successful, congenial co-parenting relationship which allows our children to thrive….” They provide a list of helpful resources, and readers can even nominate co-parenting heroes who are then featured on the bloggers’ BlogTalkRadio show Co-Parenting Matters.

     Given that 65% of remarriages include children, we think Deesha and Michael can be a model for many of us remarrieds. We love their approach: inspirational and positive.

#4 The Stepmom’s Toolbox: Tips, Tools, Advice by Peggy Nolan and Team

This blog is teeming with gold nuggets of information, resources, and event “homework” for stepmoms.

     Peggy’s passion “to help others live true, authentic lives” is not just words on a Web page. Rather, her energy and enthusiasm to help women are boundless. She’s kicked cancer and corporate stress, and even was chosen for AOL’s Career in Transition Image Makeover. And, she is pursuing her second-degree black belt. On top of that, she is the wife of a U.S. Army soldier—and that takes a special strength, because her husband has been deployed to the Middle East. Powerful stuff, and many stepmothers will benefit from Peggy’s inspirational life story.

     According to Peggy’s website, her BlogTalkRadio show The Stepmom’s Toolbox, is one of the most popular and downloaded shows in the category “women.”

     What stepmother wouldn’t want to seek tips, tools, and advice from another stepmom who has accomplished so much?

#5 Stepmum of the Year by Mel

This Australian newly engaged “stepmom,” who, in her blog, refers to her partner as “The Lovely Man” and to each of her sons as “Boy A, Boy B, and Boy C,” tackles a topic not often addressed: stepparenting part-time and from a distance.

     We love how Stepmum provides details and anecdotes from her life, especially quotations from her children. It really helps to know the kids’ perspectives and that other stepfamilies have children who say the same kinds of things your own kids do!

     Mel has brought up and discussed unique topics and resources, such as “How Narcissists Abuse Children During Divorce.” Thanks, Stepmum for sharing remarkable stories from your life and the lessons you have picked up along the way.

#6 Rockstar Coparenting: Divorce and Co-Parent Children Like Grown Ups by Jenn

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